My husbands blog. I never have to worry about not knowing his thoughts and feelings. He has no problem communicating them. 🙂 Very interesting history on the term ‘redneck’.

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The origin of the “redneck” slur probably goes back to 16th century Scotland where a group of Presbyterians known as Covenanters refused to be lorded over by corrupt bishops. Some of them began to wear a red cloth around their necks to show their resistance to religious tyranny and so they were labelled “rednecks” as a slur. However, the covenanters were proud to be called rednecks and when these protestant Scots emigrated to the southern United States, they most likely continued to identify themselves with the name. These rednecks wanted a new life free from the tyranny of oppressive religions and governments. Some may accuse rednecks of  having been slave owners, but these poor farmers and hunter-gatherers could not afford slaves, no, it was the politically-correct rich, British plantation owners who could afford slaves. Had they been able to get control of them, they would have made slaves of…

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