Why Stars and Stripes?

Another straight forward piece from my husband. As always entertaining 🙂

Likes Gripes Stars and Stripes

I am a Canadian citizen. However nearly every Canadian citizen has a shirt-tail cousin or closer who is American. We send our wackiest comedians and writers across the 49th parallel and we even grant them our most humble pop stars such as Justin Bieber. We send them Red Green and duct tape. So, why do I choose to blog about the Stars and Stripes? Because apart from hockey, Canada is too boring to write about. How many times can one extol endless empty forests of Douglas fir trees where no Canadian is allowed to homestead and live? How many times can you boast about slaloming down the slopes of Whistler in the morning and playing 18 holes at Vancouver in the afternoon? The prairie wheat fields have waves of amber grain and mosquitoes the size of humming birds. Saskatchewan and Manitoba are very flat and you smile in relief when…

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