Tropical Getaways – Maui

Another beautiful post to get us through the winter 🙂

Travel Tales of Life

Maui Sunset

Our series on tropical getaways, or possibly better named ‘I’m freezing to death and can’t take it any more’ …continues on the Polynesian jewel of tropical Maui.

Maui Beach

The diverse landscape of Maui resulted from a determined and active team effort of geology and climate. Over millions of years the volcanic cones of the Hawaiian islands poured out very fluid lava from thousands of vents.

Maui North Shore

Two particularly adversarial volcanoes spit the hot molten brew at each other until it overlapped creating a two headed island  with a narrow strip of land between. Note the red island on the map below.

Hawaii_Islands_-_MauiThe earliest name of the island was Hikapalaumaewa. Bonus points if anyone can come up with a pronunciation or better yet get a travel agent to book a flight there.

Maui Beach

According to native Hawaiian legend the Polynesian navigator Hawaiʻiloa, who is credited with the discovery of Hawaii, renamed the island after…

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