Gold must be tried by fire: part one

My husband’s story: Gold must be tried by fire.

Gold Must be Tried by Fire


Hi there dear reader and welcome to my heart-wrenching, hilarious, weird, wild and wonderful journey. I’m Maurie Nord. I was named after my uncle, Morley Wilson whose girlfriend so affectionately nicknamed him, “Morrie”.

Uncle Morley, has an incredible memory for details and I believe that I inherited this trait as well. In this story, I do my best to report the truth in as much detail as is appropriate depending on the situation. I do give this warning to any sensitive readers, I report conversations just as I fully remember them. I do not soft-peddle them by substitute words. So, if in conversation, someone said “fuck” I am not going to say that he said, “fuddle duddle” as our own Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau claimed to have said when in reality he told some irritating person to “fuck off”. This sort of expletive does occur in the…

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