Gold Must be Tried by Fire – Part 6

Part 6 of Gold Must be Tried by Fire

Gold Must be Tried by Fire

After further questioning, he was satisfied that they wouldn’t be trouble-makers or bums, and he directed them to Kaslo, BC, where they would take a high mountain road to New Denver. Having hardly seen mountains before, they were terrified at driving on such a road. Hewn out of a mountainside, it was mostly one-car wide, with a drop of hundreds of feet to the canyon floor below. There were no guard rails.  My wife, Darcy and I, found this primitive road and drove down it as far as we could. Most modern-day British Columbia natives would be frightened to drive it. Obviously, the Wilsons  made it over the road or I wouldn’t be writing about the adventure now. Little did my mother know, at the age of ten years, when she was passing through Kaslo, that her future husband, fifteen-year-old Sandy Nord, was living with his mother and sister on…

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