Gold Must be Tried by Fire – PART 8

More B.C. history, specifically the lower mainland and the Kootenay areas. Interesting to hear about Little Mountain in Vancouver during WWII. The famous Queen Elizabeth Park is situated there.

Gold Must be Tried by Fire

During the 1930’s, a Full Gospel evangelist, Reverend Deverell, came through the valley of the Arrow Lakes and held meetings at Burton City. The whole village turned out to hear exciting messages about the return of Jesus Christ and other interesting topics. Of course, the Wilsons made the trip to Burton by car, and the whole family received Christ as Saviour. My mother relates that the vast majority of the people of Burton received Christ as Saviour, and some of those who venomously attacked the faith, had terrible things happen to them such as accidents, sicknesses, and death. Grandpa Ross Wilson is listed as a founding board member of the Full Gospel Church in Burton. Just an interesting note that, at first, Grandpa Wilson made fun of the preaching, but when he saw everyone receiving Christ as saviour he joined in with them and accepted him too.

When she turned…

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