Fun family dynamics! Not. Haha

Gold Must be Tried by Fire

When the army discharged my dad as a corporal with honours for having volunteered, his job at the smelter in Trail was waiting for him. He moved the family back to Trail where he built a house on Shaver’s Bench located in East Trail. The Wilsons also moved  back to Trail, and Grandpa Ross Wilson built a house of his own directly across the street from his daughter and son-in-law.

The first house my dad built burned to the ground. Fortunately, they were away at the time. He built a second house a few blocks away on Seventh Avenue, and it was into that home that I was born in 1950. Morley Wilson had gotten married to Jean Finlay, and the newlyweds lived in the basement of the Nord home. The elder Wilsons, seemingly with my mom’s approval, interfered constantly with her marriage. They took her side on various contentious…

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