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Beautiful pictures of an ancient land.

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Ephesus, Turkey

So what were you doing in 6000 BC? Ailsa, from Where’s My Backpack, has put forth the challenge to illustrate ANCIENT. Walk back thousands of years in Turkey where civilization dates back to Neolithic times.

Ephesus, Turkey

Behold Ephesus, an ancient Greek city near present day Selcuk in Izmir Province, Turkey. The city was built in the 10th century BC by Greek colonists. It came under Roman control in 129 BC.

 Ephesus Turkey

We were guided through the ruins of the ancient city which continues to be excavated with hundreds of acres still buried and waiting discovery. How could I describe the wonder of the marble roads, the hundreds of columns lining the streets, the pipes made from terra cotta that carried running water?

Ephesus Turkey

The lush cypress trees stand guard and deep dark red poppies add a splash of color to marble columns.Walk down the endless mosaic tiled streets, past arches and a…

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