Travel Theme : Pink

I just have to share this blog done for the Travel Theme: Pink. It is beautiful. The pictures are from a cycling trip which an adventurous couple from Calgary took in northern Spain.

Travel Tales of Life

Santillan del Mar Spain Cycling in Spain will be our way to meet Ailsa’s Travel Theme Challenge this week. The search is on for PINK .

Warning : This post may cause increased heart rate, sweating and dehydration. Proceed at your own risk.

The quest begins in Santillana. Described as the prettiest Iittle village in Spain, the collection of stone houses wind around three narrow, cobbled roads.

Santillana del Mar Spain

This would be the starting point of our cycling through the Picos de Europa in Northern Spain. Pico translates to peak…summit, pinnacle, high point, bloody tall mountain….you get the drift.


On the first day of cycling our Spanish guides arrived with bikes and suggested we should do an ‘easy loop’. We have come to know this warm up means, ” Let’s have a look at all of you and see if we need to carry a defibrillator in the support vehicle.”


I knew things were off to…

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