Rituals And Commands Of Each Only Two

A poem from my husband written this Easter weekend. He gets inspired and it just comes out!

Limericks, Jokes, and other poems by Clancy O'Lafferty and Maurie

Rituals And Commands Of Each Only Two

By Maurie Nord

Stained glass windows, steeples and pews, sounding brass, tinkling symbols, sanctuaries, confession booths, long flowing robes and funny white collars, rituals and rites, appealing for dollars, processions and fights over how many camels dance on the head of a pin and the color of  shite if we run out of them. Bishops and reverends and elders and nuns, where does all of this paraphernalia come from? Not from Jesus who was nailed to the cross by those who loved such rituals and the  praises of men. But of rituals he gave us only two: water baptism is required and the Lord’s Supper, yet how often you keep it is up to you. He said, “Do this in remembrance of me.” Of commands He gave, again there are two the first is, “Believe in me, and the second is, “Love one…

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