SS Nasookin and SS Sicamous

Beautiful paddle wheeler ships from our respective valleys in B.C. I am from the Okangan where the SS Sicamous plied the waters, and Maurie is from the Kootenay valley where the Nasookin rests. We were married next to the SS Sicamous one fine August day.

Limericks, Jokes, and other poems by Clancy O'Lafferty and Maurie

This limerick is short

This limerick is quick

Here be some pics of two sister ships

sicamous Sicamous

nasookin2 Nasookin

sicamous on the beach

Sicamoos preserved on Okanagan beach, Penticton


Darcy Austin and Maurie Nord married here at the paddle wheel of the SS Sicamous

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6 thoughts on “SS Nasookin and SS Sicamous

      1. No, but it’s one of my husband’s dreams to ply the waters of the Mississippi in a paddle wheeler. He loves Mark Twain’s stories.

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