Brian Boru Millenium Festival 2014

It’s the Vikings! The Vikings are coming!

Ed Mooney Photography

Vikings Back in Dublin……. Blood will flow.

Brian Boru Millenium Festival 2014 (1)

What a busy Easter weekend it has been, even with the extra day off work im still exhausted. After the Easter Egg Trail in Merrion square with the family, was time to pay a visit to the Viking festival in St. Anne’s Park, Raheney. Unfortunately the wife has no interest in such things and the three kids were worn out, so I did not get a chance to show them what their Daddy did for fun back in the day before I had to grow up and be responsible. I’m sure that I will get another chance. The event in  the park was part of the Brian Boru Millenium Festival and was organised by the Dublin City Council and was probably the largest Re-enactment event I have ever seen in Ireland. Having been involved in re-enactment for a number of years this event…

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