Vintage Cars from 1965

The most popular cars from 1965

1965 Ford Fairlane


Ford Mustang


Ford Mustang


Mustang Fastback







Ford Thunderbird



Vintage car magazine for Thunderbird


Thunderbird dashboard
I love this era steering wheels – Thunderbird dashboard


Pontiac Bonneville


Pontiac Bonneville


Bonneville dashboard
Bonneville dashboard


Pontiac Grand Prix


Pontiac Grand Prix


Pontiac GTO





Pontiac LeMans


Pontiac LeMans SEdan


Pontiac Tempest




Dodge Charger





7 thoughts on “Vintage Cars from 1965

  1. Rosh I had a 1964 Pontiac that my great uncle gave me when I started to drive. The thing was a tank. I once got rear ended and my car didn’t have a scratch, the other had massive damage. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

    1. Some of those old cars were pretty big alright, but as you say they were safe. I’d love to have one of the these cars now. I hope those were good memories I brought back and not mainly the rear ender ones. Lol

      1. They were good memories for sure Rosh. My husband and I met in our late teens. I always tease home that he dated me because I had a car, that car, and he didn’t have wheels. πŸ™‚

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