Is your ancestor famous?

Some further thoughts on Nicolas Marsolet. He is the progenitor of a huge tribe of descendants. Thank you Nicolas for your contribution to my DNA and thank you Pierre for your further clarification of his life.

Our Ancestors

Rosh has to be proud of her famous ancestor Nicolas Marsolet.

I know I would being a proud descendant of Jean Nicolet.



Nicolas Marsolet confronted Champlain who wanted to…

Well you have read about it haven’t you?

Champlain has been immortalized in so many ways here in Quebec. A lake, a town, a county…

He even has his own bridge which is falling apart.

This being said, read this about another famous person,  but only after breakfast.

Columbus Day will never be the same.

Time for a nice warm bowl of oatmeal!


I found this on the Internet. I am just sharing it…for the moment that is.

Descendants of Nicolas Marsolet and Marguerite De Planes

Generation No. 1

1.  NICOLAS1 MARSOLET was born in Rouen, Normandy, France, and died in France.  He married MARGUERITE DE PLANES.  She was born in France, and died in France.

Child of NICOLAS…

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