Lake Minnewanka – Banff’s Lake of the Spirits

Beautiful Banff!

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Lake Minnewanka

Archeological evidence of stone tools suggests the original shores of Alberta’s Lake Minnewanka served as camping and hunting grounds as long as 10,000 years ago. The Stony people named the glacial lake “Minn-waki” or ” Lake of the Spirits” for the gale force winds that appear from nowhere and blow mercilessly over the water.

“There’s an entire village under there” quips Hubby on our hike.

Lake Minnewanka

As I look about this jewel of Banff National Park I exclaim to my trivia king ” Exactly where could a village be hiding?”

“Under the water,” he nonchalantly throws back. ” It happened when the lake rose about 100 feet”

Having recently come through flooding season I can appreciate increased water flow but almost a ten story building?

Lake Minnewanka

“In the late 1800s there was a log hotel constructed on the shores of the lake. Likely now that would be somewhere out there in the…

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