Spain – From Bliss To Bedlam

Bike trip in northern Spain. I love these mountains.

Travel Tales of Life

Picos de Europa

Gone were the sounds of cowbells echoing through mountain valleys as we cycled through the Picos de Europa of northern Spain.

Santander Spain

The cows and sheep on green hills and rock ledges had been replaced by miles of fine sand beach hugging the Spanish city of Santander.

Picos de Europa

Looking out from our hotel balcony onto the sea, of the 78 million people who live in Spain, approximately half appeared to be at the beach.

A sea of humanity with thousands of multicolored sun umbrellas planted tip to tip for as far as our eyes could see. The contrast of cycling the day before less than 100 miles apart left us open mouthed and stunned.

Santander Spain

Between where the umbrellas stopped and the several hundred feet into the ocean (the water remains shallow for a great distance), stood thousands of vacationing Spaniards.

Picos de Europa

We dared each other to walk along the beach at the water’s…

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