Happy Canada Day, Indoors or out, it’s your day to play!!

Happy Canada Day and happy birthday to my gramma who is 99 years old!

The Chicago Files

Canada Day 1

[photo courtesy of my American mother-in-law]!!

Here we are, July 1st and it is, “Canada Day”!  For those of you who wouldn’t mind a little who/what/when/where/why about this day, I am more than happy to oblige!  For the rest of you, please sit back, relax, proudly hold your cup of Timmies, Slurpee, maple syrup bottles, and/or  your favorite Molson or Labatt libation, and enjoy the intermission!

Ah, Canada Day!  This is a national holiday, with its roots forming on July 1, 1867.  It was on that day the ordinance of the British North America Act (now referred to as the, “Constitution Act”) united three colonies into what we now know as, “Canada”.  This commemoration was referred to as, “Dominion Day”, until it was changed to, “Canada Day” in 1982.  This was due in part to the, “Constitution Act” of 1982, which provided Canada with its own regulatory powers, thereby no…

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