Blogging 101 – Say Your Name

I was thinking about changing my blog title, but I made up my mind today not to after having an exchange with Diana at Holistic Wayfarer. I will share what those comments were.

Comments from the post It’s Always My Fault


Thank you so much for sharing your story. Guilt sucks. I hate guilt and shame! This last year has been my year to finally get free of it. I don’t know why, but there seems to be a timing for freedom. You battle and battle and battle and then suddenly there’s a break and things start shifting. I’ve felt that shift. Sometimes I hear old voices coming back and I have the grace to say no I won’t go there. It is wonderful. Thank you Lord for your journey of freedom:-) Let us keep going for the prize! Carpe Diem!

Diana answered with this:

So you have NO idea what brought on the shift, R? Was it more tired surrender or active gratitude?

I answered with this:

Well, I was being pulled down more and more by shame and it was affecting my whole outlook on life of course. One day my husband, who has a powerful prophetic gift, said to me, ‘I want you to get up every morning and look in the mirror and say I am not ashamed’. Doing that seemed to be an act of faith that activated what God was doing for me. It’s been a long road of overcoming shame in layers. I think that’s what happens. We get a measure of freedom and then we have to wait for the next measure. We don’t get deliverance all at once. God just gave me the grace to overcome those voices when it was the right time.
Starting to blog was part of that healing. Putting myself out there instead of hiding from people. I started getting more confidence and boldness. Again, it was a kairos time. God is Sovereign and he knows what’s best for us. Ultimately, it’s all about relationship with him. That’s what he’s after in all of our struggles. He just wants us to trust him. Often, that is so hard to do. We want to rescue ourselves somehow without waiting or trusting. That’s what I’ve found to be true in my life anyway.

Diana’s gracious answer:

Beautiful. I see it, your (painful, incredible) journey toward freedom, claiming the victory He purchased for you. You really hit bull’s-eye, as did many here today. It’s not about ME. It does come down to laying it ALL down before His sovereignty. Letting God be GOD, hopping off my throne.

Easier said than done! I like my guilt!!!

Thanks so much for sharing. An honor knowing you better.



I’m getting blessed while I’m reading this over. I’m realizing how much God has done for me this year. Thank you Jesus! You are good, you are so wonderful!

This is why I love having a blog and ‘Coming Out of Hiding’ describes why I started my blog. I thank God for prompting Diana to post what she did just at the right time for me to be thinking about the name of my blog:-)


One thought on “Blogging 101 – Say Your Name

  1. Wonderful. I love how your ministry to me blessed you! I have to run but if you could change my name to Holistic Wayfarer and Holistic Wayfarer to A Holistic Journey (my site name)

    “Holistic Wayfarer over at A Holistic Journey” I’d appreciate it.

    So happy for the joy and fulfillment you are experiencing this wk, Darcy.

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