Blogging 101: Being Inspired by the Community – 5 reasons we chose to learn Spanish in Espana

I’m reblogging this post in response to the Blogging 101 assignment: Being Inspired by the Community. I was inspired by my friend Marigold over at Versus Blurb where she posted a great haiku on her experience in Spain. This post isn’t exactly linked to what she wrote, but I would add a sixth reason to why we studied Spanish in Spain and that was for how inexpensive you could go for a drink there. Being a Canadian it was a pleasant change!

Lighten up, Brighten up

Spain's flag

First, it’s the motherland of the language. Back when Christopher Columbus landed, the Spanish language did too and it spread throughout the land.  Now it’s arguably second only to English for most widely spoken languages in the world. We also kind of liked the ‘th’ pronunciation of c and z. So we booked three months attendance at a language school in Malaga, Spain. I didn’t even know how to say hello in Spanish when I went there. That, it turns out, is not really the best way to take advantage of a language school, but it worked out pretty well anyway. We chose Malaga because it was pretty much the most southern part of Spain we could get and it was right on the Mediterranean.

Sand, sea, sky and ships Sand, sea, sky and ships

The main promenade in Malaga The main promenade in Malaga

City Hall City Hall

Second, it’s the setting for two of our favourite books by James Michener:…

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