Stories about disobeying and parental discipline.

Gold Must be Tried by Fire

Anyway, if it wasn’t fear of bullies and bears, I now know that I had fear of what was going on in our home, as I often witnessed fighting or heard dishes breaking in the night. My mom had no qualms about flying at my dad to punch him in the face. On one occasion, she had spent ten dollars to buy her mother a new coat for winter (why her father, Ross Wilson, did not buy his wife a coat is another question since they had no children to raise)  Now, in 1956, ten dollars easily equaled half a month’s worth of groceries, so Sandy Nord was quite upset about this and said so. In fact, he said so just a little too much and Audrey Wilson raced over to him and punched him in the eye. Dad, promptly and wisely, got up and left, not returning for hours…

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