Sea Owl!

Gold Must be Tried by Fire

Unprovoked, our next-door neighbour kid, Paul Jones, who was a few years my seniour, threw a rock and hit me on the corner of my eye. Blood spurted out of a pierced vein and I needed four stitches to close it up. I have a nice scar there.  Kenney Del Puppo hit me with the barrel of a toy rifle which netted me about the same number of stitches to my lip. I got a nice scar there too, and  I was beginning to toughen up a little.

I was terrified on my first day of school. Sure enough, two boys approached me.  One was about my size, and the other one was about a head taller than me. The shorter boy informed me that his friend was going to beat me up. Instantly, without hesitation, I sucker-punched the tall boy full on the nose, which promptly began to pour…

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