Some more B.C. history……Dewdney Trail, Cascades Summit and more.

Gold Must be Tried by Fire

Life in Trail wasn’t all bullies and bad times. We had good times alongside the struggles. Sleigh riding was fantastic, swimming, fishing, and water skiing in the summer were awesome. Everyone went to Christina Lake in the summer and Trail residents still do, except now, it only takes them about an hour. When we made the trip in the 1950’s it took all day over the “Cascades Summit” as we called it.  Beginning a few miles south of Rossland, this primitive, winding road was the old Dewdney Trail. The Greyhound bus could not travel that route as the hairpin switchbacks were simply too sharp to negotiate in a reasonable amount of time. Instead, the bus out of Trail went to Rossland, then crossed the border at North Port, Washington. Turning West, if going to Vancouver, the Greyhound proceeded to the crossing at Grand Forks and re-enter Canada at that point…

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