The history of rock and roll from an eye/ear witness of the 50s!

Gold Must be Tried by Fire

Music came to me at an early age. I could not play an instrument, but I could hear the chord changes which my dad performed on the accordion. He and his sister Myrtle both had lessons to grade twelve on the piano, and they could sight-read music with no problem.  My dad, however, preferred to play by ear and he was good enough to have played on Lawrence Welk. I think. I have his accordion and I remember him playing by the campfire when we miraculously made it one more time over to Christina Lake or Deer Park. Lying in the tent, I could hear them singing:

“Oh we ain’t got a barrel of money,

maybe we’re ragged and funny.

But we travel along, singin’ a song

Side by side.

Through all kinds of weather,

what if the sky should fall.

Just as long as we’re together,

it doesn’t matter…

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