Gold Must be Tried by Fire Part 16……….kids sleigh riding and swimming in the Columbia River. People let their kids do risky stuff back then.

Gold Must be Tried by Fire

I learned to water ski at Evans Lake, Washington. This was nothing more than a wide spot in the Columbia river in Washington state. I got up on my first try at the age of seven years old.  I mentioned Christina Lake and Deer Park, but we also enjoyed Champion Lake. In the summer, we went down to Gyro Park Beach on the Columbia River in Trail. Uncle Gerald Wilson,, mom’s brother lived out that direction in the area known as Sunningdale. It was a ‘cut above’ Shavers Bench and was considered to be a higher class place. When I look at the place today, I can hardly imagine why.We never ever saw Gerald and Isabelle Wilson. They had three children, Lynn, Danny, Heather. Holly and Robby came along later. I admired Danny as he was older, and since I hardly got to see him, one day I walked all…

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