Gold Must be Tried by Fire

Those childhood years in Trail seem so far off. They almost belong to some other dimension as though maybe I had died and since then, I have come back as another person. That’s my right brain at work, then my left brain kicks in and says, uh uh, buddy, here are the pictures, check ‘em out, it’s you alright. There you are are at  five, there you are at fifteen, there you are at twenty, there you are at thirty, forty and fifty. Now go look in the mirror. Okay, okay, I’m convinced already. Still, it freaks me out a little. I can only imagine what it will be like to be eighty or ninety if I make it there…must get worse!

As I said, my friends were Kenny Del Puppo and Bruce Callendar. I wasn’t an angel, by any means and here are some stupid things that I did…

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