Gold Must be Tried by Fire – PART 21

Part 21 of Gold Must be Tried by Fire
Alcohol abuse, violence, old drive-in theaters and scary movies from the ’50s. What more could you ask for?

Gold Must be Tried by Fire

North Burnaby: bewildered student. 1959-1960

After staying a few months at the Sunset Auto Court, we moved to North Burnaby, BC. We rented the lower portion of a house for fifty dollars a month. Upstairs were some people named Hurraide. The house was next to the Lougheed Highway on a dirt road named Greenwood. It was farmland back then, and we had a barn with some chickens, geese, and a wood stove. I’ve been back to try to find it, but it is all so built up that I can’t even recognize the place. I can only make out the slight rise, or hill, on which the old house stood.  Down the Lougheed Highway, toward Vancouver, there was the Lougheed Drive-In Theatre, which is long gone now.  The Dairyland Milk Company put up a large plant on the property and now that is even gone. Going East on Lougheed, toward…

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