Retro Music Mondays

A little history on the term “Pop Music”. Pop originates from the term Popular music which really doesn’t have much to do with the genre of music titled these days as ‘POP Music’. Popular music began when sheet music became widely available and the average Joe could start to play some of the music played by professional artists. The term was first used in the 1880s during the Tin Pan Alley era in the United States. Tin Pan Alley was the name give to the New York music publishers of the popular music era in the 18th and 19th era. The start of the Tin Pan Alley era is generally agreed to be about 1885 with the end of the era a little less defined. Some say it was the Depression that ended it and others attribute it to the Phonograph and Radio taking precedent over the Sheet Music industry. Tin Pan Alley originally referred to a specific place in Manhattan.


from Wikipedia
Tin Pan Alley 1910





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