Soul Food Sunday – Dare to Desire

Consider the crippled man at the pool of Bethesda (John 5). Put yourself, literally, in his shoes. His entire life has been shaped by his brokenness. All his days he has wanted one thing. Forget riches. Forget fame. Life for this man was captured in one simple, unreachable desire. When the other children ran and played, he sat and watched. When his family stood at the temple to pray, he lay on the ground. Every times he needed to have a drink or to go to the bathroom, someone had to pick up and take him there.

At what point did he begin to lose hope? First a year, then two went by. Nothing, at least for him. Maybe someone else got a miracle; that would buy him some time. What about after five years with no results? Ten? How long can we sustain desire against continual disappointment?

– John Eldredge – Desire Study guide p. 19,20


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